Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cloud 9

This German film directed by Andreas Dresen is about romance in old age. The original title is Wolke 9 and the English title is a direct translation of the German title.

Inge has been married to Werner for 30 years and he even helped raise her children. While doing her alteration business, she finds herself attracted to Karl, one of her customers.

I don't want to say much more about the plot because I might spoil it. I found the film funny, sexy, romantic and touching.

I found that some of the most touching aspects about this film were the little acts of love that the couples do for each other. Passion can happen even in old age. Even old people can still enjoy sex and fall in love!

Warning: Don't watch this if you're grossed out or repulsed by the idea of old folks getting it on!

Here are a few quotes from this film:

"But we still have each other."---Inge to Werner

"If I end up like my father, you can just take me into the woods and shoot me."---Werner to Inge

"Do you know how 80-year-olds have sex?"---Karl

"No living creature can become as large and as old as a tree."---Karl

"The countryside along the train lines is much prettier than along the freeways."---Inge

"After living together for so long, we should be able to talk to each other if something like this happens."---Inge

"Now I understand why you seemed like a young girl."---Werner to Inge

Here are a few scenes from this film:

Here the trailer:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On My Way --Catherine Deneuve a sexy senior French actress

The French title of this film is "Elle S'en Va" and it's directed by Emmanuelle Bercot

Bettie, played by Catherine Deneuve is a former Miss Brittany. She lives with her mother and runs a small restaurant in a small French town. One day her mother gives her some bad news related to her love life.

The next day, Bettie goes for a drive on her break and doesn't come back. Her search for cigarettes leads her to a club where a few too many drinks lead her to a motel.

Her daughter calls and asks her to pick up her grandson Charly and take him to his paternal grandfather while her daughter goes away to work.

I don't want to spoil the plot but you'll see Catherine Deneuve lying down in bed quite a bit! She's a senior and still quite attractive, funny and sexy!

Some Quotes from this film:

"You'll look fine when she realizes she made dresses for her husband's mistress's mother."---Bettie

"That man was born without balls."---Bettie's mother

"I'm not a child who just broke her Barbie doll. I'm a woman in love who's been betrayed."---Bettie

"I feel like I'm in the U.S.A."---Bettie

"I don't remember a thing. And it's better like that."---Bettie

"Life Goes On!"--motto for seniors

Here are some scenes from this film:

Here's the Trailer for this film: