Thursday, February 26, 2015

Clay Marzo Just Add Water -- Cool Surfer Film

I've never been big on watching ski or surf movies, but it's pretty amazing watching Clay Marzo surf! He seems to be able to ride waves for a long time without wiping out. That's awesome!

There's also something else about this surfing film that makes it very unique. In 2007, Clay was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Input from others who know him is that he seems more together since the diagnosis. Like many people with AS, he has a specialty and it's surfing! It's very unusual because people with AS seem to usually have an intellectual specialty instead of an athletic one.

Australian Asperger's Syndrome expert Tony Attwood has a few things to share as well as Austism expert Dr. Chitra Bhakta.

There is some wonderful footage of Clay and other surfers surfing not only in California and Hawaii but other places in the world such as Fiji and France.

Included is footage of the Surfer's Healing Camp in Malibu where kids with Autism get to experience the joy of surfing. Clay works with the kids there.Clay Marzo has his own website where you can see more interesting videos.

If you're interested in knowing about other films related to Autism, check out my review on The Horse Boy.

My Favorite Quote From this Film:

"I feel like I'm at home when I'm in the water. Waves are toys from God."---Clay

Here are a few scenes from this film:

Here's the trailer for this film:

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happily Ever After -- A French love story or not?

The original French title of this film is "Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants" which literally translates as "they married and had lots of kids." It's kind of a love story or not...a film review to post for Valentine's Day. This film definitely has some funny, romantic and sexy scenes.

Yvan Attal is the director/writer of this film and he's originally from Israel. He also happens to be married to Charlotte Gainsbourg who also stars in this film. BTW, Charlotte Gainsbourg is the daughter of English actress/former model Jane Birkin and French actor/singer/compose Serge Gainsbourg (who's no longer living). The two were known for recording a sexy song together called Je t'aime. Here's a link to it so you can check it out.

The beginning of this film with Charlotte Gainsbourg at a club was very confusing and surprising. I don't want to say too much about it as it will spoil it for whoever watches it!

Georges (played by Alain Chabat), Vincent (played by Yvan Attal) and Fred (played by Alain Cohen) are three good friends who commiserate about their love lives. Georges and Vincent are both married and they both envy their single friend Fred who seems to have countless hot, sexy liaisons. But all is not so great with their single friend who seems to have a free & easy love life. Georges is constantly in conflict with his beautiful wife. Vincent has his own trials and tribulations. 

Johnny Depp makes a brief cameo appearance in this film. His appearance in the film shows another side of Vincent's wife.

Some quotes from this film:

"It's hell. She wants to prove we're the same. We're not. I'm a man, she's a woman. There's a big difference." ---Georges

"So I want a German girl too!"---Georges

"I'm going home too. But there's nobody waiting for me."---Fred

"Tell me something. You ever feel like having sex with another guy?"---Vincent to his wife.

Here are some scenes from this film:

Here's the trailer for this film: