Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rabbit Hole - Loss, Grief & Love

Aaron Eckhart and Nicole Kidman portray Howie and Becca, a couple overwhelmed with grief by the loss of their young son.

Things start to shift when Becca starts a friendship with Jason (portrayed by Miles Teller) the young man responsible for their loss. Howie also takes his own path when he continues to attend the grief support group that Becca rejects.

Both Becca and Howie gone their own ways in trying to cope with their loss. Howie almost commits infidelity. Becca finds it even more difficult as her sister Izzy  (portrayed by Tammy Blanchard) is expecting a child. BTW, Izzy's boyfriend Augie is portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito.

Sandra Oh is great as Gabby, the support group member who copes by smoking pot.

Dianne Wiest is great as Nat, Becca's mother who also continues to grieve her own loss of her son Arthur. She tries very hard to help her daughter by sharing her experiences with her.

One of the concepts presented in this film that I found quite interesting was the idea of Parallel Universes. In fact in one scene, Becca looks at a book in the library titled Parallel Universes by Fred Alan Wolf. In reality, this author exists but none of his books has this title. He does have a recent book out titled Time Loops and Space Twists in which he discusses time, space and matter related to research and mythology too. Here's an article about it.

Some great quotes from this film:

"I've been reading that book, the Parallel Universe book.... It's interesting. I don't know if I buy it., the whole alternate reality thing, I just...I don't know. But's it's interesting." --Becca

"If space is infinite, there's tons of you out there."---Jason

"You plant your fat ass in that chair every frickin' day." ---Nat

"I resent the feeling that I get from you that I don't deserve this baby. Or that I'm not mature enough or smart enough to take care of it. I mean, my God, if Mom could do it, how hard could it be?"---Izzy

Some scenes from this film:

Here's the official trailer:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides 

Directed by Sofia Coppola who also wrote the screenplay based on Jeffrey Eugenides’ novel of the same name, this is a gorgeous, sensual, film that’s part romance, mystery and  satire with a 70s retro feel to it. By the way, Eugenides won a Pulitzer for another of his novels Middlesex.

A local high school teacher and his wife (played by James Woods & Kathleen Turner, I must say these are very different conservative roles for them!) have 5 gorgeous daughters.  The youngest daughter makes suicide attempt. Shortly after the girls throw their one and only party. Invited to the party are local teenage boys who are obsessed with the girls even long after they’ve grown up.

While viewers are introduced to Trip Fontaine, portrayed by Josh Hartnet, Heart’s Magic Man plays on the Soundtrack. In my opinion, this rock song is one of the sexiest songs ever written by a woman about a man.

As a local heartthrob who has girls swooning for him, he totally falls for Lux Lisbon(Kirsten Dunst). Heart’s Crazy on You exactly provides a great soundtrack for a very sexy scene.

10 cc’s I’m Not in Love plays on the soundtrack during the Homecoming Dance.

With music from the era, it’s a very tongue-in-cheek story about five sisters who have two overprotective, strict, religious and conservative parents. 

Some favorite quotes from this film:

“What are you doing here honey? You’re not even old enough to know how bad life gets.”---Doctor

“Obviously, Doctor, you’ve never been a thirteen-year-old girl.”---Cecilia

“Trip told us his passion for Lux Lisbon started when he went into the wrong history class during fifth period.  As was his custom, he went to his car to smoke the marijuana he took as regularly as Peter Petrovich, the diabetic kid, took his insulin.”

“It didn’t make any difference which pattern of their dream dresses the girls each chose.  Mrs. Lisbon added an inch to the bustline and two inches to the waist and hems. And the dresses came out as four identical sacks.”
Here are some scenes from this film:

This film has some great songs in it. Below are some videos of some of them. Heart has 2 great songs & BTW they were fantastic  at the 2013 Bumbershoot.

Heart's Magic Man

Heart's Crazy on You:

10cc's I'm Not in Love plays during the Homecoming Dance.

Here's the official trailer: