Friday, October 31, 2014

Garibaldi's Lovers---Italian film with art and humor

Garibaldi's Lovers is a rather quirky Italian film with a number of eccentric characters directed by Silvio Soldini.  After getting caught shoplifting frozen frogs from the supermarket, Elia (played by  meets Amanzio, another older bearded shoplifter who was caught shoplifting stale-dated merchandise. Leo (played by Valerio Mastandero) has his own plumbing business with a Chinese assistant and finds it challenging raising his children Elia (Luca Dirodi) and Maddalena (Serena Pintucci). Diana (Alba Rohrwacher) is a struggling artist who just got stiffed for an art job and has to find a way to pay her rent. She finds an interesting new opportunity. Elia has a special friend --- a stork named Agostina. Maddalena finds herself notoriously online. Included in the cast of characters are a variety of historical statues.

Filled with quirky characters, beautiful scenes and unusual twists in its plot, it's an enjoyable Italian film with some interesting commentary on people and society.

Meantime, the city's monuments keep watch on the citizens and discuss the state of the nation and make comments on the things going on around them.

Some quotes from this film:

"True strength lies not in never falling but in rising every time you fall." Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
---quote shared by Amanzio

"What nations? We only see flags during the national soccer match!" --Cavalier Cazzaniga

"It is hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially when it is not there." Confucius ---quoted by Amanzio

"You can't be alone, you need a woman. You know what we say? A man without a woman is like a pond without a lotus flower."--Chinese man named Fiorenzio

It's a video of her playing Vito's skin flute. --Elia

Patience is a minor form of despair. ---Amanzio (quoting Vincent Van Gogh)

"Calmness is cowardice of the soul, "Lev Nicolayevich Tolstoy---quoted by Elia

"The wisest thing one can do be silent."Anonymous Persian proverb---Amanzio

Here's an interesting little conversation:

Do you consider these disciplinary methods effective?---Amanzio to woman with girl.

Mind your own business.--woman with girl to Amanzio.

As you wish. But don't complain when she chops you up with an ax and hides your remains in a trunk. Good day.--Amanzio

Another interesting little conversation:

Do you think birds know that we don't know how to fly or do they think we don't want to?---Elia

Depends on the bird. More intelligent birds know and thus loathe us, but the others don't even realize they know how to fly. Just like humans...they're stupid.---Amanzio

Dear sirs, raising awareness is in itself a job. ---Amanzio

Here are some scenes from this film:

Here's the trailer:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love is All You Need

The original title of this Danish film directed by Susanne Bier literally translates as "The Bald Hairdresser." BTW, Susanne Bier has done some very interesting films. I'll mention some more directed by her in future posts.

Ida, (portrayed wonderfully by Danish actress Trine Dyrholm) the heroine of this film is in fact a bald hairdresser, hence the original Danish title.   She wears a blond wig to hide her bald head, a symptom of her cancer treatment. She comes home to find her husband Leif (Kim Bodnia) engaged "in action" on their living room couch with another woman.

Meanwhile, Trine's daughter  Astrid is in Italy with her fiancĂ© Patrick (Sebastian Jessen) preparing for their wedding at his family's Italian home.

By accident, Ida meets the Phillip (played by Pierce Brosnan, who even though he's getting older is still quite dashingly handsome!), father of her daughter's fiancĂ©. Be sure to check out the car that Ida is driving.

I found this to be a very enjoyable film with humor, drama, romance and intrigue. It qualifies as a multilingual film with English, Danish and Italian. Those who love color and scenery, will enjoy the lovely scenery in the Italian locations. Watch for the recurring images of lemons and roses.

BTW, Trine along with another Danish actor, who I find quite intriguing,  is in another film that I'll be reviewing soon

Some quotes from the film:

“I doubt he’s even noticed one of them is missing.” ---Ida talking about her breasts

“Bitten, you gorgeous, beautiful, sweet girl. This is never gonna happen. I am a guy who has chosen to be by himself. Simple as that. ---Philip

“You’re doing her on my mom’s couch, while I’m fighting for my life.”---Ida

“You’re so emotional. You got your finger up your bum and your brain in neutral.”—Patrick

“Let me quote Henry Miller, You can never get nor give enough love. And to quote Herman Bang, Indifference is love’s most painful dregs.”---Benedikte


“I really don’t understand why anybody will work for you. When you’re so awful and stupid and not nice.”---Ida

“I pay them good money.”---Philip

Here are some scenes from this film:

Here's the trailer: